we are the boobies


"Nice guys. Mean music."


Picture the color periwinkle blue, spray-painted by a Ramone, add blistering vocals with traces of southern soul, and a David Byrne sense of showmanship and you get The Boobies. With half the band hailing from North Carolina, and the other half from Texas, these fetching southern boys came together to form a garage-pop four-piece with some serious teeth. Equipped with surf-rock inspired riffs, slick lyrics, and savage attitude, The Boobies are set to tear venues apart.


Vocals, Guitar / Josh Brocki
Lead Guitar / Manquillan Minniefee
Bass / Jesse Starr
Drums / Ace Jernigan




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THE 'The Boobies' T-Shirt

In simplicity, there is clarity. And nothing says you were the first fan of this great band more clearly, than this shirt. Yes, there will be more shirts, but never another one like this. It's like owning a rookie card back in the day when kids traded baseball cards. Only now, it's a shirt, and it says "the boobies". 


The Boobies Jacket

Take it to the next level. Right now, there are only 4 jacket's out there, and they belong to the band. Sometimes, our girlfriends wear them, but other than that, these are the epitome of exclusive. Handmade in America. 



The Boobies CD


What can we say about this little fella, other than it's gonna pack some heat into your car stereo. Prepare for some burnouts this summer. Stay cool, my friends. 



Mark D'Souza


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